Our Process

There are 5 general process in Fabrication. They are: 

Engineering & Design

Our metal fabrication are engineered and designed at our own in-house metal shop in Los Angeles. All of our products are manufactured in China and sent to us with everything custom ordered. Our sheet metal are created in a state of the art facility that closely monitors for any inconsistencies and creates incredibly strong metal.

Coil Cutting and Slitting

Production begins with sending our metal to the cutting service. The metal is brought in big coils and is then cut out with our special machines. From there, the cutters move the material to the forming process in which they are ready to start forming the metal. 


The North American built Accurshear is a combination of simplicity and strong, proven design. This heavy-duty shear can tackle any application. Capable of shearing up to ¼’’ mild steel and 12’ long. 



The  folder capabilities for panels and trims are limitless. Depending on the profile requirements, folding can also involve rotation and turning. Depending on the profile length, material type and weight of the sheet metal parts, this may require the involvement of several operators. With a double folder, sheet metal part handling can be completely omitted or reduced to an absolute minimum.




Our experienced craftsmen are ready to make your project come alive. From Aluminum to Stainless Steel to Mild Steel, we can weld it all.